Take this Master Piece Home!

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Take this Master Piece Home!

Elevate your home design and decor with our Master Piece, Flynn.  Client were particular about their material choices to suit their family with young kids and elderly lifestyle.

They wanted a classic Marble + Wood design but knew that natural stone would not perform to their lifestyle requirements.  It did not take much convincing from us to settle between Dekton or Silestone with the client.  To match the contemporary cross retro interior design, client settled on Dekton, Entzo, a classic marble print to pair with our Flynn solid oak legs.

The visual impact in the space is absolutely stunning!  The muted colour palette around the house gives much focus to the statement piece, the Flynn Dining Table. Customise your ideal with Martlewood today and truly find a table that fits your lifestyle.

Flynn Quartz Dining Table
2700L x 1000W
– Dekton, Entzo
– Oak, Natural


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