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Ovally in love with this!

A lot of families come to us with the adage “heated” discussion about table shape.  We often suggest to take oval or elliptical shapes when:

  1. Your space is elongated and a round table is almost bringing to life the saying “fitting a square into a round hole”
  2. Your Fengshui Master has spoken
  3. You have kids

Why not consider an oval table if the 3 scenarios apply to you?  An oval table does not short change your space planning needs and fulfills the requirements of not having any corners.

Our Kismet design is all things curvy.  The oval top starts off with Cosentino’s Dekton, Helena and supported by a stainless steel trimming.  The two legs are then secured by screws.  Each triangle leg was carefully and skillfully bent using stainless steel sheets and finished off with a rose gold spray.

We’re definitely looking forward to better pictures when the home has completed its renovation, but even in the background of cardboard boxes, our Kismet Table shines in its own opulence.

Kismet Quartz Dining Table
3000L x 1200W x 750H
– Dekton, Helena
– Stainless Steel, Rose Gold