Making Flowers Even Prettier

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Making Flowers Even Prettier

Fun fact: The boss of Hibiscus Florists and Martlewood are both named Sharon Chan!  Hibiscus first came to us seeking a sturdy table but also an accent piece for their new shop at Raffles Place.  They wanted a bright stone to match with the shop’s interior while not neglecting the functional requirement of withstanding multiple vases filled with water and flowers at any given time.

During peak season such as Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year, this centrepiece is also expected to perform as a worktop for packing and arrangement without breaking the back.

We suggested going with a Moon White Granite to achieve both the aesthetic and practical expectation and raising the height to 90cm for a countertop height that is also a bar height.  We used thicker metal frames to sustain the potential load and suggested using an Ansei bench to create an high-low illusion for visual pacing into the rest of the shop.

Flowers by themselves are already so pretty!  With this stone, we think flowers are even prettier!

Butcher Block Granite Table
2200L x 900W x 900H
– Moon White Granite with 40mm mitre
– Steel, Powder Coated Black



Delivery & Installation of Granite Table