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Locally Designed, Lovingly Crafted

Flynn embodies a new milestone for Martlewood in crafting locally built tables.  Building Flynn engaged multiple craftsmen; some in their retiring years, with no apprentice to take over their trade, others in the prime of their life.  Crafting Flynn weaved every individual’s woodworking experiences and together, as a cohesive band of Sungei Kadut brothers, created a beautiful solid white oak table leg that is tapered and curved.


There are several key subtleties in Flynn.  Made with solid white oak, the trimming below the tabletop is supported by a continuous panel that is 3m long and curved at the corners at a radius of R10.  The double panels add strength as well as shading detail to the corners.


The legs are then inserted into a groove cut within the trimming, giving a visual disruption to wood grain to bring about focus to the winged and tapered legs.  The front wings are first bluntly sawn off and meticulously finished by hand.  The taper was decidedly gentle so as not to compromise on stability.


The final touches to the back of the legs create the illusion of slim legs to an otherwise large dimensioned table.  The curves are delicate but stretched all the way to the back of the winged portion, posing a challenge for our tradesmen who must be careful to avoid splintering the wood.  But with all 8 curved winged corners successful, Flynn is born.


At Martlewood, we pursue looks that withstand the tides of trends without compromising on stability and function.  We hope you enjoy the result of Flynn as much as we have produced it.


From start to finish, Flynn was sketched up in Singapore, built in Singapore, and made for a home in Singapore.


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