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Hilo Saying Hello Everywhere

For a modern spin on the Hilo, consider going with stainless steel.  Steel and Stainless Steel are 2 different materials.  Both are great for furniture usage and steel is often used.

To mitigate rusting, steel is powder-coated.  Once you nick the powder-coating, the steel is exposed and it will start rusting.  If you maintain the powder-coating, life goes on, nothing goes awry.

Stainless steel is one that does not rust.  There are also different grades of stainless steel like 304, 316.  The standard is 304 and more than good enough for regular outdoor use.  316 is a better option for those who live by the sea.

Stainless steel’s default colour is silver and can be sprayed into other colours.  Because the base is brighter, the colour is vibrant and often used for metallic hues such as Rose Gold, Bronze, and etc.  Steel’s base colour is darker, and the powder-coating finish is a standard finish.  It can also take on gold colours, but it appears flatter in tone.

Client’s lifestyle was such that her kitchen floors came into contact with water very often and we suggested to go with stainless steel to worry less about rusting.  Levellers were given instead of rubber feet because the table legs will be lifted off the ground further.

Blanco Vis Granite was chosen to anchor the beige undertones in the kitchen and we think it’s a good choice to provide a stark contrast.  Customisation can be necessary for anything!  No lifestyle needs are ignored with our consultation process! Speak with us today!

Hilo Granite Table
1600L x 900W x 750H
– Blanco Vis Granite, Polished
– Stainless Steel, Hairline finish


Customisation of Granite Dining Table