Curved Panels, Angular Lines

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Curved Panels, Angular Lines

2020 brought about many challenges and this project was caught in the thick of it.  We’re only so thankful that projects are still delivered despite all the stretched timelines.

We remember that this family visited us when we first moved into Sungei Kadut and we were unpacking in the container.  We honestly didn’t think that people would really want to drive down to Sungei Kadut but it was nice, bright, and early that the Chens dropped by.

2 months after concluding the final table design, Singapore went into a lockdown and it was a total of 7 months later that we could handover the project.  It almost went into 10 months but COVID, you got to take the backseat once in a while,  yeah?

The final result is really stunning with the ever curved panels of our original Solid Dining Table.  The gentle curve adds a soft touch to an otherwise bolder linear design.  Completed with a quartz top to fulfill the family-with-kids lifestyle, this table is comfortably suited for the Scandi Modern theme the family was going for.

Curved Solid Dining Table
1800L x 900W
– Silestone, Calacatta Gold, 40mm mitre
– Oak, Natural


Design, Supply,, and Install of Customised Marble Quartz Dining Table