Always go big when you have ample space

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Always go big when you have ample space

This family had been eating on a 1200DIA table for years.  Every weekend, when the family of children, and grandchildren would gather around 2 tables which was naturally uncomfortable but if you have been doing it for years, it just becomes habit.

But people do come to their senses and they decided to have a communal table to accommodate all three generations at one table.  They wanted a simple look with a classic style to match the subtle background with wooden trim accents.

The final choice was going with Dekton Opera, which was a white expanse with broad strokes, and 4 very bold oak post, measuring 10cm x 10cm.  We think it looks splendid!

Hugo Dekton Table
3030L x 1280W x 750H
– Dekton, Opera
– Oak, Natural