Understanding Materials

Aesthetics  |  Practicality  |  Budget

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The emphasis on any of the 3 criteria:


Will give direction to which material can best suit your lifestyle and desires.  While we love to have all three conditions in perfect harmony, the reality is that these three conditions will calibrate for the optimum result.

How then can you decide if Marble, Granite, Quartz, Solid Wood, or Concrete is best for your family needs.

Marble is a natural stone and is generally the most affordable of the 3 stone ranges.

It has a wide variety of patterns and colours which can be featured in any space and design style.

However, it is generally porous in nature and subjected to naturally-occurring imperfections common in certain if not most stone types.

To overcome this lack in performance, a sealer is applied to mitigate stains.


  • Budget
  • Practicality
  • Aesthetics


  • Budget
  • Praticality
  • Aesthetics

Granite is also a natural stone and is marginally more expensive due to the workmanship required to cut the stone.

Often used as kitchen countertops, it is a high performing natural stone that is fast becoming more popular among home-owners and commercial applications.

It is our favourite to work with low maintenance issues and a growing resource from all over the world.

However, due to its high density, the look of the stone is speckled and may not appeal to those who place emphasis on softer and subtle aesthetics.

As an engineered stone, quartz appeals best to those who hate surprises, and places function above all criteria.

Quartz is designed to be heat, scratch, and stain resistant with little to zero maintenance issues.

With many brands in the market, clients are spoilt for choice.  With our current local network of suppliers, we bring in both international and in-house brands to cater to budget spectrum.


  • Budget
  • Praticality
  • Aesthetics

Apart from walls and floors, concrete can build furniture and venture into terrazzo finishing.  This is a completely adventurous range we are exploring for clients who are free-spirited and need lots of curves and angles.

Our standard concrete collection is available for preorders any time here.

To discover concrete and terrazzo options, call 9691 9704 to discuss today.

A staple in every home and space, wood withstands the tides of time and trend.  We often use wood as a complement to our stone collection and occasionally feature slabs as a statement piece.

Part of our range features a Singapore special where local suar trees are cleared to make way for progress.  The logs are then repurposed into furniture, or space featurettes.

Wood appeals everyone and with its comfortable price point, it’s a go-to solution for warm and cozy styles.


  • Budget
  • Praticality
  • Aesthetics