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Thank you for including Martlewood as part of your journey in achieving your home ideals.  Like you, we are home-owners, we are consumers, and for some of us, we are the necks that turn the heads as well.

We have been through what you are going through now.  We understand the process of evaluating choices and trying to prioritize which criterion is the most important to our families, lifestyles, and budget.  It can get overwhelming, but there is always joy in any situation.

We believe we can help guide you a bit better in your process.  In our consultation with you, we try to help you assess what are some of the key priorities that you and your partner absolutely must have, while considering factors of constraints (e.g. size).

We work on the principle that the convenience of a short term effect never outweighs the wisdom of a long term impact.  This is why we say “invest your furniture.”

Sometimes, the heart always wants what the heart wants and with that, we do all we can within our capacity balance your truest desires with our technical knowledge, and transcending that into clear communication within our teams to produce a locally crafted statement piece that is catered to your lifestyle.

Below is a form that will help us kick start the customisation process with key information.

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