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1. Do you customise?

Yes we do! In every sense of it! If you see something you like off Pinterest, send it over to us and we can recreate it with some modifications! (because you cannot copycat, if not we have to kiss the rat.)

For solid wood bases, we require 6 weeks, and metal bases, 4 weeks.  Production cycles may stretch in view of seasons.  We encourage early orders in order to confirm the schedule.  We try not to rush the team because rushing things will have mistakes and that creates dissatisfaction.  We only want a pleasant and smooth experience for both production and client.

2. Where are your products from?

Our Concrete products are manufactured in Vietnam

Marble, Granite, Quartz
Our Marble, Granite, and Quartz range is fully customizable.  Our stones are internationally sourced but locally manufactured. To date, Martlewood works with 6 local factories and 1 international manufacturer.  AS such, we do not display raw slabs in our showroom but have samples for your reference.  After narrowing the choices, we will bring you down to the relevant factory to view and mark the actual slab.

We understand the desire to attain perfection in marble.  However, nature’s loins may prove to be unruly is some ways.  It is important to set the right expectations when investing in specific materials to build furniture.

Martlewood sources materials internationally while manufacturing locally.  We pride ourselves to selecting the best suited solution based on your requirements and work towards achieving harmonious working relationships among our supplier and clients. We only use natural marble and wood unless otherwise highlighted.  Our customisable range includes but not limited to, Marble, Quartz, Granite, Concrete, Steel, Stainless Steel and Solid Wood.

As natural materials, there is always some level of imperfection included in every piece of material.  We try our best to highlight such imperfections and naturally occurring faults to help our clients make informed decisions and adjust expectations accordingly.

2. Do you ship internationally?

Willing buyer, willing seller.  Logistics is just but a solution away.  We have our limitations.  Best to speak with us for clear communication.

3. Are the products heavy?

The average weight of a 1.6m concrete table is 110kg which is the equivalent to a total weight of a couple.   Our concrete is not cast solid throughout and is fibre-reinforced (FRC).Most of our concrete pieces are hollow in the sense that if it appears 10cm thick, 3cm of it is solid reinforced concrete.  This way, the furniture piece is lighter but maintains its aesthetics.  No, your floors won’t break!

Balconies will be able to take the weight of a concrete bench and table too. However, you are advised to check with your estate management and not take our word for it.

Marble, Granite, Quartz
Our stone products are complete slabs and cut to size.  The average weight of a 1.6m table is also about 110kg.

We do not recommend frequent moving of furniture as more movement increases the risk of damage and wear and tear.  Consult us for space-planning if needed.

4. Do you offer warranty?

Due to the nature of the product, we do not cover aesthetic issues as highlighted.  However, upon opening, there are structural defects, we will replace no questions asked.  Kindly submit photographic evidence.

Marble, Granite, Quartz

We do not cover the nature of our materials such as water veins, wood knots, crystals, and other issues that are relevant to the various materials.  We highlight all expected issues during our discussion.  Upon delivery, if there are issues you would like to raise, please send in images for us to verify with our team.  We will address all matters of conflict individually, amiably, with proper problem-solving measures.


3. Delivery & Disposal Fees, and Storage

All delivery fees stated are to lift-landing units or ground floor units.  No stairs involved or additional lifting required. If additional lifting is required, surcharges apply.  Delivery fees are labour fees to our team to cover their effort.  While we want to work out the best deal for you as client, we also want to keep our teams happy.

Our disposal fees start from $150.00 and paid directly to the delivery team.  We do not earn from the delivery team.  Kindly understand that logistics is an integral part to our operations and we appreciate our team very much.


For concrete items, we will advise the shipment schedule.  You’re encouraged to share with us your expected move-in date so that we can advise to take the earlier or later shipment.  Renovations are always delayed and we understand!  But if it stretches past 1 month, we will look into covering some costs on our end.

For customised products, it will be timed accordingly by working backwards on the production schedule.

4. Can the items be placed outdoors?

Our Concrete, Marble, and Solid Wood products can be made suitable for both outdoor and indoor purposes. However, products that are placed outdoors will not last as long as products placed indoors.When placing your concrete furniture outdoors, it is important that the item is not water-logged.  After all, concrete is a mix of powder and water.  If the concrete, wood, or metal is left sitting in a pool of water for prolonged periods, as with all natural materials, the wood will start to rot, the metal will rust, the marble will stain, and the concrete will soften.  We recommend that you adjust your expectations when putting furniture outdoors as weather conditions are not within control.

Having said that, all imported goods are treated before entering Singapore and our locally assembled goods will go through quality checks before delivery.  We seal our table tops with various sealers appropriate for the respective materials.

5. How do I care for my purchases?

Always wipe up spills immediately to prevent stains.  Do not leave food spills, or liquids overnight.  All stains will be permanent.Our concrete products come sealed with Acrylic Wax by default.  Over time, the wax will evaporate and we recommend to maintain your pieces every 6 months or so if kept indoors or 3 months or so if kept outdoors.

Marble, Granite, Quartz
Our Marble products are sealed with a water-based sealer or impregnator and finished in 3 ways; Polished, Honed, or Antique.Our Granite and Quartz products are sealed with an oil-based sealer and finished 2 ways; Polished or Leather. Sealers are in place to mitigate stains and not prevent stains. Always blot the spills with a paper towel immediately to prevent etch marks and to avoid spreading the spill. Since marble is a calcareous stone, it is sensitive to acidic solutions. Hence, it is recommended to use coasters under all glasses particularly those containing alcohol or citrus juice or else there would be etch marks on your product.Despite stone products being known to be able withstand heat, use of trivets or mats is still highly recommended to ensure that the stone is well protected.If item is being placed outdoors, sun and rain action will generally bleach out the stains. If placed indoors, clean with a 3 parts water + 1 part bleach using a paper towel and soak the affected area no more than 15 minutes.  It is not recommended to repeat this treatment only when really necessary.

Solid Wood
Our customized Solid Wood products are sealed with Bona Oil.  Our standard wood products are usually sealed with lacquer or epoxy.

Our Steel products are usually powder-coated which mitigates rusting significantly.

Our Stainless Steel products can be electroplated to your preferred colour as well.  Stainless steel comes in a default colour of silver and is usually finished Hairline or Polished.

Natural Steel is steel that is rusted on purpose but treated with either Acrylic or Lacquer to prevent further rusting.  Natural steel is paired with our concrete range.



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