You don't have to lose your marbles over Marble - Martlewood

You don’t have to lose your marbles over Marble

Twig Marble Table 160 x 90

Martlewood strives to provide you quality materials without the extortionist price tag.  Our Marble collection is internationally sourced but assembled and manufactured locally; ensuring we can quality check before delivery.  As one of the more luxurious material for home usage, a marble table is definitely a statement piece in any space.

However, Marble is also known to be highly susceptible to stains as it is after-all a natural rock.  To reduce the possibility of stains, we apply a water sealant on our pieces before delivery to ensure that these rocks have the best protection possible for your daily home usage.

Black Forest Marble with Stainless Steel Legs

One way to keep your marble in tip top condition is to wipe it down daily with a warm, damp cloth, and dry off with a clean and dry cloth afterwards. Always ensure that moist substances are wiped down immediately after spillage to prevent discolouration or staining on your brand new marble piece.

Hilo Marble Table – Completely customisable

If there are any tough-to-clean spots on the marble itself, you can use a little bit of mild dishwashing liquid diluted with warm water to wipe it down. However, be sure to note that it is best to clean your marble only when needed.

For those who are extra careful, you can use place mats, coasters, or protective pads when using your marble dining table.  However, truth be told, it will be difficult to maintain marble in its pristine condition due to its porous nature.

Marble is not only expensive material, but it is also one of the most beautiful materials in the world, with grains unique to only a single marble piece. Having a marble table in your home would be a great conversation starter among your friends and provide a glow of exuberance in your home. So what are you waiting for? Head down to Martlewood today to get your very own unique piece of marble that give your home the character you’ve always wanted!

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