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Tingling for some Tonga

The Tonga collection challenges the common misconception of concrete as a cold, hard, and overly-industrial material.  Crafted with concrete FRC and paired with wood, the Tonga boasts with versatility and

If you’re looking f or the perfect set of furniture to compliment your tropical theme, The Tonga collection has the perfect set of furniture for you.

Paired together with acacia wood, the Tonga collection emanates a warm tone, creating a tropical bohemian vibe to set the mood for any space of your choice. With its X-Crossed legs made out of acacia wood, it brings with it not only a sturdy impression but one that is also sleek and slim as well.

Unlike the thick and bulky Midwest Collection, the Tonga is designed with a concrete slab paired with thin, angular legs to create an airy feel; it is common for people to forget that the Tonga collection is made out of concrete. The acacia wood is completed with a brushed finishing, topped with a concrete slab finished in acrylic wax; it exudes a raw and natural look.

The design of the Tonga collection was inspired by a bohemian and tropical theme. As such, easy installation and maintenance are necessary to adhere to the theme. The legs of the Tonga collection are designed in an X-Crossed manner. This allows it to be easily assembled by the method of slotting both pieces together; but fret not, as both pieces would eventually be screwed tight together to prevent any accidental breakage! Indents are cut onto the top of the acacia legs, where concrete slabs are later placed.

Due to the easy maintenance and assembly of the Tonga Collection, it is with firm assurance that your Tonga Collection is the perfect match for your space. The Tonga console, side and coffee table also allow easy storage as it can be easily dissembled and massed together again. You need not worry about any storage constraints with your Tonga accent pieces!

Concrete is a flexible material, and with a bit of imagination, can brighten and compliment any space or theme that you desire. It is the material that although has been used for centuries, is still able to keep up with modern trends. Come down to Martlewood to get your very own Tonga piece today!

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