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More than white

Marble, either you love it or hate it.  It is more than just white!  Marble is often associated with its country of origin because it was marketed as a luxury product made in and from Italy.

But Marble is really more than just its country of origin.  When marble is marketed as Italian marble, it could simply mean that they quarry itself is based in Italy.  Not necessarily meaning that the marble was manufactured, assembled in Italy.  Yes, Italy is home to a commonly known type of marble called Volakas.  But Volakas can also be exported from Greece. #mindblown Don’t be.  It just means that marble can be found everywhere in the world.

Simply explained, Marble is a natural stone and stones are the foundations of earth, found ALL OVER THE WORLD.  Similarly, crops are farmed everywhere in the world.  But rice is still rice.  Short grain rice can be Japanese or cultivated in Australia, but still exported as short grain rice.

So how is marble then classified?  By colour and vein pattern, but to get very technical, also density.  We won’t delve into that aspect, but this article is allay any concerns about not getting an “Italian” marble or marble only comes in white.

When clients share with us their requirements for customising a marble table, we often ask them what colour of marble they are looking at. Often times, we’re met with bewilderment.  “You mean marble has colours?”

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We’re not talking about goli here okay.  However, similar to goli (marble balls), marble comes in an assortment of colours. From white, green, purple, gold, black, even to the extent of Joseph and his Technicolour coat.

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Verde Anguria


Palissandro Blue


It’s amazing what can come from the loins of the earth.  And yes, there is of course the issue of price.  The more beautiful the marble, the pricier it will be.  It is therefore important to know your budget and work with it.  Sometimes, the design of the table may come secondary when you place more priority on the type of marble you would like to feature in your space.

For more interesting types of marble, come down to our showroom to view the samples.  We have a lot more than just white!

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