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Marble VS Quartz

The biggest question in 2018 is which is better? Marble or Quartz?

Amazonia Marble


If you ever ask Martlewood this question, we’ll ask you a few questions in return before suggesting which material is more suited for your lifestyle.

  • Are you iffy about stains?
  • Do you favour aesthetics or just more practical overall?
  • How about budget?

Hold on to those answers first!

There are few table top materials that truly don’t stain; glass, plastic (depending).  Otherwise, be prepared that in ANY natural, organic material, some level of care and maintenance is required and over time, these materials will never be as pristine as when they first enter your home.   So far so good?


Hilo Marble Table 160cm x 90cm + Bob Bench

What is marble?

Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms when limestone is subjected to the heat and pressure of metamorphism. It is composed primarily of the mineral calcite (CaCO3) and usually contains other minerals, such as clay minerals, micas, quartz, pyrite, iron oxides, and graphite. Under the conditions of metamorphism, the calcite in the limestone recrystallizes to form a rock that is a mass of interlocking calcite crystals. A related rock, dolomitic marble, is produced when dolostone is subjected to heat and pressure.

It just means, Marble is a natural rock with beautiful veining.


 Eternal Marquina, Modern Kitchens, Classic Kitchens

Silestone – Marquina

What is Quartz?

Quartz countertops contain crushed quartz mixed with resin in a ratio of 93% quartz to 7% resin. They are manufactured in a variety of different patterns and colors.


It just means, Quartz is an engineered material from natural minerals to create a product that is suited for kitchen countertop usage.

Can Quartz be used for dining tables? Sure!

So Martlewood, get to the point! What do I choose? Marble or Quartz?


Jala Marble Table 180cm x 80cm in Volakas Marble

Pretty Please – I’m for aesthetics and cost-effectiveness

If you’re someone who thinks aesthetics and budget are important, Marble is more suitable for you.  But the issues of stains will FOREVER be there due to the nature of the material.  Marble is porous (fact of life).

Yes, we seal all our table tops before pushing them out for delivery.  But a water sealer does not 100% prevent stains; it mitigates.  Water stains will fade.  Food stains, wine, will definitely affect your marble, but the stains can fade over time.  Sometimes, the stains can also go off completely.

Water Vein










The beauty of marble has no comparison to engineered materials as the vein pattern is so unexpected, you never know what will be unearthed.  No two slabs are identical.  And this also includes water veins, crystals along with other imperfections.  All marble slabs are subjected to a level of imperfection and these will be highlighted to you in our processes and procedures.


Practically, please – I’m for pragmatism and I don’t mind spending more

If you’re someone who is practical and budget is not a problem for you, Quartz is more suited to your criteria.  Quartz is designed to be stain-resistant, heat-resistant, and proofed against daily usage in the kitchen.  Martlewood works with 4 brands of Quartz:

  1. Silestone
  2. Smartstone
  3. Caesarstone
  4. Cimstone

Our locally established factories are retailers for the brands above and if you’re looking for someone to clad you kitchen, please feel free to give us the required dimensions for quotations.

Quartz can be ideal for families with younger children if you’re afraid of orange juice mayhem spillage.  A simple wipe up does the trick, no need for fretting!  If you want chop your chicken, it is also designed to take on that kind of impact.

But Quartz is limited to its shine and general coolness of the material.  It may never look as polished as natural marble, and will not be as cool-feeling.

In terms of design, Quartz can be engineered to mimic marble patterns.  But be prepared, Quartz generally costs 15% HIGHER than marble depending on the type chosen.  The more beautiful the pattern, the higher price.  For example, if the marble table is priced at $100, Quartz is $115.  You do get for what you pay for.  If you already know the type of Quartz you like to have, let us know and we will find the prices accordingly for you.

Xavier Marble Table 200cm x 90cm

Nonetheless, we strongly encourage homeowners to do some level of research into various materials before coming to a decision.  It is good to come prepared knowing that in all natural materials, imperfections abound; like a knot in wood, or patina in concrete.  It is also good to know market prices and prepare yourself a little when investing in your furniture.  Marble or Quartz, we leave the ultimate decision to you as you weigh the requirements that mean the most to you.

There’s so much more we would love to expound because we’re passionate about crafting bespoke ideals.  See you at 14 Arumugam Road #04-06 LTC Building C S409959.

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