Past Projects

Google Office COMPLETE

Recounting that month, we were moving office at the same time while clearing 3 consecutive containers to fulfill this order and our clients’.  Hectic as is was, we’ve learnt how to cope better when new challenges arise.    

Martlewood X Peng Handcrafted

              “It takes a mind quiet enough to appreciate muted beauty, courage not to fear bareness, willingness to accept things as they are—without ornamentation. It depends on the ability to slow down, to shift the balance from doing to being, to appreciating rather than perfecting.” Source: utne Embracing a

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Side Tables and Coffee Tables

Must a stool be a stool?  Or can it also double up as a side table?  Versatility is key component when designing furniture.  Whether you’re in need of a chill corner, or just a space to display your decorations, our concrete stools and side tables can get fulfill both desired aesthetic and function.   Here’s

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Hilo Dining Table

The Hilo range is made of a simple structure of four steel legs which allow your table top, be it marble, concrete or wood to take center stage within your space. The legs come with steel powder coated black or stainless steel.   Hilo Dining Table with Marble Tabletop 210cm x 100cm x 75cm 180cm x

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Martlewood X NOC

Who doesn’t love Night Owl Cinematics and their witty videos?  We do! We helped furnished a small bit of their office so check it out!  

Achieving the unexpected (1)

When Martlewood first started out, we were as green as it could have been.  Having only the entrepreneurial spirit, we ventured into the furniture industry with no idea what to expect.  We only knew that if we could drive prices lower, we bridged the gap between current industry players and consumers looking for quality furniture

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