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      We’ve got a bat-crazy sale!  Schedule your appointment throughout Christmas and New Year!  See you!

In the beginning..

We started off like you, bought a home, got married, started spending money, and realised money not easy come but super easy go. When we started to furnish our home, we noticed that the bigger the showroom, the higher the price tag. This all vanished when we started to source online for cheaper alternatives. We

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  #MWfestiveSALE‬ is now on till 31 Dec 2015, 2359! From now till 31 Dec 2015, all new orders enjoy 10% off, all existing showroom pieces are reduced by 15%, and up to 50% off our clearance items*. Mai tu liao, it’s not every day we have sale that’s worth waiting for. The perfect statement

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Good New TWIGS Series Lovers!

  We’ve heard and heeded!  The TWIGS Dining Table is now available in a smaller size of the 1.60m x 0.90m x 0.74m! We’re rolling out special introductory prices.  And that’s not all we’ve heeded!     The Kowloon now available in a Dining Table form, 1.40m x 0.90m x 0.75m.  Our sizes are catered

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Choosing right for your home

So, you’ve been through the wedding and prepping for your new BTO, EC, or Condo.  It’s almost as if all the coordination work doesn’t stop and you can never catch a break.   We’ve been through it ourselves and we can confidently assure you, you’ll be fine! What doesn’t kill makes your stronger right?  Like,

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