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More than white

Marble, either you love it or hate it.  It is more than just white!  Marble is often associated with its country of origin because it was marketed as a luxury product made in and from Italy. But Marble is really more than just its country of origin.  When marble is marketed as Italian marble, it

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Discontinuation of Sophia and Butcher Block Series

Dear All, Thank you for your interest and support towards our solid wood series.  We have discontinued our Sophia, Wood+Metal series and have moved on to doing patterned table tops such as Herringbone and Chevron which are completely customisable.  Please have a chat with us on your requirements. Thank you!

Marble VS Quartz

The biggest question in 2018 is which is better? Marble or Quartz?   If you ever ask Martlewood this question, we’ll ask you a few questions in return before suggesting which material is more suited for your lifestyle. Are you iffy about stains? Do you favour aesthetics or just more practical overall? How about budget?

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Tingling for some Tonga

The Tonga collection challenges the common misconception of concrete as a cold, hard, and overly-industrial material.  Crafted with concrete FRC and paired with wood, the Tonga boasts with versatility and If you’re looking f or the perfect set of furniture to compliment your tropical theme, The Tonga collection has the perfect set of furniture for you. Paired together with acacia wood, the Tonga collection emanates a warm tone, creating a

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You don’t have to lose your marbles over Marble

Martlewood strives to provide you quality materials without the extortionist price tag.  Our Marble collection is internationally sourced but assembled and manufactured locally; ensuring we can quality check before delivery.  As one of the more luxurious material for home usage, a marble table is definitely a statement piece in any space. However, Marble is also

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What you need to know about Concrete Furniture

  The idea of concrete furniture is a fast-growing permanent trend of late and with more than 200 product designs, Martlewood has got you covered in any space.  Our furniture comes waxed and sealed with acrylic wax and made with Concrete FRC.  Concrete FRC is fibre-reinforced concrete.  The composition of materials that goes into our

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Sustainable Living, Supporting Local

In the past quarter, Martlewood has had the privilege of embarking on two meaningful local projects.  At the recent, Singaplural Design Festival 2017, Martlewood unveiled our inaugural project with home-bred designer duo DAZINGFEELSGOOD, VOLUME.  It is probably the first time anyone in Singapore has successfully produced a comfortable armchair made with FRC concrete. VOLUME Armchair

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Support Local with DFG

Hey you! Martlewood is proud to announce that we’ve been in cahoots with local designers, DFG (Dazing Feels Good), for a pilot product range; VOLUME. We would love for you to visit us at Singaplural 2017, 7 – 12 March, 11am to 10pm, at the F1 Pit Building to catch a glimpse of this spunky

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Not all about concrete..

Martlewood was set up with the sole intention that home-owners are getting value for money furniture because we ourselves are consumers. We’re very strong in our concrete range, with more than 200 furniture solutions catering to any space! Be it industrial or modern, warm grey tones always add a finishing touches to a space.  Often

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Tips on decorating Martlewood tables for Christmas!

“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” – Charles Dickens The most festive season of the year is just around the corner. We can’t help feeling excited hearing Christmas songs played in malls and seeing Christmas decorations all over Singapore now. Christmas is a season of love

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