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Kitchen and Bathroom Features

Project Wall and Bathtub Cladding Details Amazonia Marble, Polished, Bookmatch   Model Customised Kitchen Counter Top Full carpentry works + Quartz top Material, Finishing Cimstone – Olympus Admira – CAC 2024 T, Grigio Siliceo Dimensions and Requirements 2200 x 600 x 900 7 x drawers with soft closing 1 x space for microwave 1 x

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Solid Natural Wood – Wall Feature

Model Customised Wall Feature Dimensions 1100 to 1200 L x 2700 H x 50 T Material and Finishing Suar Panels, Natural Oil Requirements Seamless installation

Marble? Granite? Quartz?

Which table top material would you choose?  Here’s a brief breakdown on what we think are some considerations space planners can think about when choosing from: Marble Granite Quartz There are 3 main factors to consider when investing in your stone table tops: With varying emphasis on the factors that matter to you the most,

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Did you know: Marble is cheaper than Quartz and Granite? Quartz is an engineered product Granite can be as beautiful as marble Check out our new collection of Quartz and Granite vs Marble!            

Building a Table with Martlewood

Building a table with Martlewood can be easily achieved in the following easy steps.  We listen to your requirements and make sure we get in as many details as possible to make your ideal table a reality!  By the end of this, we hope you’re better educated on how tables are made and with that,

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